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ASPPM Grade IV Cold Mix

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Pictured in bulk, can be either picked up at our location or delivered to your yard or site.

Available in 60lb. bags - 50 per pallet

One of the most respected and experienced manufacturers of ASPPM Grade IV Performance Cold Mix Asphalt in the industry, with over 9 distributors in Texas who are all approved producers on the TxDot Material Producer List.

Our High Performance Cold Mix Asphalt requires no tack coat and can be used with both asphalt and concrete surfaces. If conditions dictate you can even apply our Cold Mix Product under water! If applied properly our Cold Mix product is equivalent or exceeds hot mix asphalt and leaves you the option of opening the application to traffic immediately.

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Hot Mix Asphalt

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Whether it’s new construction or repairing an existing area we can help you assess and make the correct decision moving forward. We offer a variety of materials to suit all of your construction needs. See our products list and contact our main office for pricing and availability

Type D Cold Mix

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Type D Cold Mix (as seen here) is a less expensive alternative to our ASPPM Grade IV cold mix. Typically a coarser mix and blended with a much less expensive AC.6 liquid. It’s a good material with a much “shorter” stockpile life but when quickly used performs just fine in the field. A tack oil will help this material perform better.

Asphalt Millings

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Recycled asphalt is referred to as millings. When properly sized/screened, it makes a wonderful surface mix when installed over the top of any good base material or even well compacted clay surface. The outcome is an all weather surface somewhat looser than finished hot mix, but will tighten very nicely over time to give you a dust free/mud free surface that is about 1/3 of the cost of installing new Hot Mix. Check out some examples in our Gallery Section.

Base Materials

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The “back bone” to every good road is the base work and base material used. This section is to help you identify and understand the different types of “base materials” sold by WCA and utilized by Waller County Construction Services in projects.

Crushed concrete, caliche, “rap” recycled asphalt, Black Base Asphalt, are all commonly used in used in BASE applications.

Waller County Asphalt Products

“True value” is not always measured in dollars! Here are a few important things to consider when buying a load of Bulk cold mix. When was it made? When do I plan on using it and how/where do I plan to use it? If it’s not fresh to begin with you can expect an even shorter stockpile life once delivered to your yard. “It was good for a month now the last half of the pile seems very hard, the material is dry, clumpy and won’t stay down after its installed” If your hearing this input from your crews then it’s time to call WCA for “True Value” With a 1 year guarantee when stockpiled in a “clean” area. There simply isn’t a better value on the market. 

If our mix cost is higher than “conventional cold mix” but you have no waste and it actually stays down so you’re not patching the same areas over and over again, the “true value” lies with Waller County Asphalt, Inc. Call today for a free demo and let us come show you our material.

- Great stockpile life

- All weather workability

- User friendly with a history of consistent in field performance

- Our material is always workable and won’t fight your crews in the field

- Once applied it will immediately hold up to instant traffic and rain

Our track record and service history speak for themselves. If you want to save time, money, improve worker performance and never see your investment go to waste, then call us today and we’ll be happy to come and personally see you.

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Waller County Asphalt proudly serves the Greater Houston area including: Waller County, Hempstead, Bellville, Brenham, MAgnolia, Hockley, Cypress. 

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